Genuine Paella Pans from Spain

Our huge assortment of paella pans meets the needs of every type of cook. Each style has its advantages, but all the pans share these common traits: they can be used on a gas or charcoal grill or on our gas burners. They are shallow and have sloping sides, which helps the rice cook evenly and develops more intense flavor. As the pans get larger, they grow in diameter rather than depth, which allows for more delicious socarrat. And like all authentic paella pans, they do not have matching lids (since paella is traditionally cooked in an open pan). If you would like the option of covering the pan, we do carry universal lids in various sizes.

Finding your Perfect Paella Pan

  • Carbon Steel Paella Pans
    Carbon Steel Pans

    This is our most popular style, and it's the pan you'll find in the majority of households in Spain. It's ideal for paella because carbon steel conducts heat quickly and evenly.

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  • Enameled Steel Paella Pans
    Enameled Steel Pans

    These offer both convenience and value, and they make excellent paella. The enamel coating means rusting will not be an issue and also makes them a bit easier to clean.

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  • Stainless Steel Paella Pans
    Stainless Steel Pans

    Our top-of-the-line paella pan has a mirror finish and gold handles that make a dazzling first impression, and they are also maintenance-free due to the 18/10 stainless steel.

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  • Pata Negra Paella Pans
    Pata Negra Pans

    Made from an extra-thick and heavy-duty grade of carbon steel, these are ideal for restaurants or any cook who expects to give their pan a good workout.

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  • Flat Bottom Paella Pans
    Flat Bottom Pans

    If you have a smooth-top or induction stove, these were made for you. Unlike traditional paella pans, these have perfectly flat bottoms for complete contact with your stovetop.

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  • Recipe Video
    Paella Video Tutorial

    Watch as we take you step by step through making a seafood paella, where you'll learn many tricks and tips to make spectacular paella.

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