Carbon Steel Paella Pans

This is our most popular style, and it's the pan you'll find in the majority of households in Spain. It's ideal for paella because carbon steel conducts heat quickly and evenly. The steel is thin but quite rigid and durable, and the smaller sizes have a hammered dimpled bottom to help with rigidity. Some paella aficionados feel that carbon steel makes a better tasting paella. Carbon steel requires a bit of care: you must dry the pan right after washing it and then rub the inside with a little vegetable oil to prevent rusting. If the pan does rust, a few passes with steel wool takes it right off.

If you're not sure which size pan is the right one for you, review Choosing the Right Paella Pan Size for guidance. See Comparing Paella Pan Styles for a comparison table showing the differences in each material. To keep your pan looking its best, please see our Paella Pan Care & Maintenance Guide. For more specifications about each pan size, use our Chart with Detailed Pan Measurements.


The chart below shows all the sizes of carbon steel paella pans. Click on the size you want to see a photo and get more information about that size.

Pan size refers to the top diameter, measured from rim to rim. The cm measurement is the more accurate; we round to the nearest inch.
The pan has a range of servings depending on whether you want a thinner or thicker layer of rice. You can serve more people with more rice, but we prefer using less rice as it gives better flavor.
8" or 20cm Tapas $11.95
9.5" or 24cm 1-1 $15.95
10" or 26cm 1-2 $18.95
11" or 28cm 2-3 $20.95
13.5" or 34cm 2-3 $24.95
13" or 32cm 2-3 $23.95
14" or 36cm 2-4 $25.50
15" or 38cm 3-5 $26.95
16" or 40cm 4-6 $28.95
17" or 42cm 5-7 $32.95
18" or 46cm 5-8 $42.95
20" or 50cm 6-10 $51.95
22" or 55cm 7-12 $57.95
24" or 60cm 9-16 $71.95
26" or 65cm 12-20 $83.00
28" or 70cm 15-35 $125.00
32" or 80cm 20-40 $132.00
36" or 90cm 40-70 $210.00
40" or 100cm 70-100 $355.00
45" or 115cm 100-140 $480.00
52" or 130cm 150-200 $860.00
60" or 150cm 200-350 $2,399.00