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What others are saying about La Paella products, their experiences with the company, and the memories they are making along the way. Please see our Video Testimonials as well. 

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"Just to let you know the paella pan arrived safely and it's perfect. Thank you."

- Virginia Jones, Punta Gorda, FL

"Thank you ! The pans arrived today, well-packed and beautiful."

- John Cochrane, Tustin, CA

"I'm excited to own an authentic Spanish paella pan...Thanks for your quick response. I have and will recommend your site to others."

- Michael McEachren, Burleson, TX

"I did receive the paella pan in plenty of time to give to my friend....and he LOVED it! Thank you so much. I've told all my friends about your website! Muchas gracias."

- Gretchen Sunderman, State College, PA

"I received the pan and am delighted with it. I had tried a recipe from "The Joy of Cooking" and liked it. But it paled in comparison to the paella recipe you provided with the pan and, besides that, it was so much fun to do"

- Mary Harrison, Springfield, MO

"I adore my paella pan. I made paella for our book club because our book that month was The Sun Also Rises and I wanted to keep in the Spanish mood with the food. I'm not the best at meal timing, so our 10 guests didn't eat until 10 p.m. but they raved about the paella. And I simply explained that in Spain, they often eat so late. It was a huge hit, and I owe it all to you!"

- Dawn McMullan, Dallas, TX

"Just got my pan in the mail today--in time for my party. Thanks so much, it's GREAT, and a good price too. "

- Tanya Zumach, Portland, OR

"My paella pan arrived today, hooray, and is beautiful! It also fits in my oven, a plus. Thank you for your help."

- Nancy Hemenway, Juneau, Alaska

"Thank you! I have one of the 26" carbon steel pans I got from you years ago...but now our friends are beginning to expect multiple "flavors" of paella. I was thrilled to find that you are still our there supplying these fine pans!"

- Mark Wayda, Columbus, OH

"I received my order in good time and my wife loved the paella pan I got her for Christmas. She's been wanting one for a while now (only recently communicated to me) and said the one I got from your store (the stainless steel deluxe one) was heads above anything she has seen in local stores. I can't wait for her to try it out. Thanks again for making it so easy."

- Nick Knight, Phoenix, AZ

"Just wanted to write and tell you how much we love our Paella pan. My cousin is 17 and loves to cook. She lives with us after her mom passed away. One way that she is able to share a bit of herself is through her cooking. I have a beautiful picture of seafood paella that she made with one of the 16" pans that we purchased from you this past Christmas. "

- Jeff Roach

"You win the prize! I ordered it Friday night and it arrived Sunday AM. Unbelievable! and my wife loved it. Thanks."

- David Crane, Boston, MA

"Thank you so much for providing a difficult to find product at such great prices. My friend is Spanish, and she was very pleased to see when the pan arrived yesterday that it was made in Valencia, her father's birthplace. When I called her tonight to see if it had arrived and was what she wanted, she was so elated and excited that it really made my day, too. Again, thank you so very much!!!"

- Kimberly Szlucha Wennberg

"I want to make this clear for novice paella chefs: I did this all on my own with no help. I got a recipe from my buddy, a recipe from Sarah Jay, kinda did a hodge-podge of the two... and created a spectacular meal for my first time at the helm. Not only was it a great cooking experience it was a great EATING experience. I've never been at a table where everyone (16 people!) were sampling from the same dish and all exclaiming how great it was. It was very communal. The best part was when we were all full and little remnants of rice remained. Many of us were leaning back in our chairs with full bellys yet we kept reaching forward and piling on the rice that was left in the dish. Grabbing from half eaten pieces of bread to clean the pan with. Sarah, when you say the rice is the star, you ain't kiddin'!" "

- Brad Stoudt

"About 40 of us camped out this weekend and were treated to the best cookout ever! We each brought an ingredient and the "chefs" cooked it up! The kids were all over it - a bit of a surprise to the adults. It was such a fun way to share dinner (not to mention the sangria for drinks). I can't wait to give this very special gift at Christmas this year!"

- Kathy Langley

"The paella was delicious and the center of attraction! Not a grain of rice was left over...even the socarrat or "pegao" as we refer to in Puerto Rico, was devoured!"

- Cristina Gonzalez

"My two pans functioned perfectly the first time. I did a marisco and a chicken and veal sausage paella for about 45 people... Thanks for the great service."

- Marion J. Makarewicz, Hannibal, MO

"I've never had a more pleasant internet ordering experience. I received the pan today!! I had many paellas in Spain and can't wait to give it a whirl."

- Barbara Johnson, Merion, PA

"I just want to thank you for helping make the food portion of Quinby and Jordan's wedding a huge success! Everything turned out beautifully yesterday!"

- Nevra Latham

"I got my pan and made your chicken & artichoke paella tonight. It was delicious! You may notice one side is missing some ingredients... that's to placate my 4 year old son's palate. :-) Take care and thanks for a great product"

- Bob Atchison, Winter Park, FL

"I just wanted to thank you for the 22" pan. Cooking over the Weber was perfect and the paella was terrific (although I didn't quite achieve the soccarat). I actually got applause for the meal - first time that has happened - even though for last year's meal I spent over 3 hours in the kitchen making lobster thermadore! Thanks again, I just might be back to you soon for another pan that fits on the stove!" "

- Steve Wolfe, CT

"Whatever hopes I had had about being able to blame the pan for my possible paella recipe failure were dashed by the arrival of your pan. Wow! That's the kind of pan that makes you realize why you keep your Farberware hidden in the cupboards. Thanks. That's a good-lookin' pan."

- Robert Frenchu, Carson City, NV

"What a delightful surprise to open my gifts on Christmas morning and find one of your 22-inch paella pans. Amazing that my husband had noticed my interest in a paella pan, my daughter had located you on the Internet, and within four days of a phone call, the truck had delivered it to our door--on Friday before Christmas, no less! He also mentioned how pleasant it was to talk to you on the phone! Thank you! Muchas gracias!"

- Anonymous customer

"Thanks so much for getting us our pan so quickly...we christened it on the Weber grill and enjoyed a WONDERFUL chorizo paella! Have a happy and prosperous holiday season."

- Keith Bakos

"Just wanted you to know the pan came, we made the paella from the enclosed recipes and it was a huge success! We had to use the Weber grill, which made me very nervous, but it all unfolded exactly as it was supposed to...thanks! Can't wait to do it again."

- Carol Woolworth

"Thank you so much!! The pan was received on Thursday. I used it for a paella party on Saturday. We had a fabulous Seafood Paella, White Sangria, and a great Avocado Salad, BUT the pan stole the show. We literally had people taking pictures!!! They were so impressed that I'm sure you will get more orders soon. Thanks again for a true show stopper."

- Sarah Bass

"Everything turned out wonderful and our friends were most favorably impressed with the big pan and the paella."

- Ed Nicholson

"A nice cover for my pan, great service, and quick delivery time. Thank you."

- William North

"Wonderful service as before. You all are the best."

- Judy Z.

"Just wanted to let you know that my pan arrived safely yesterday. I haven't had a chance to cook with it yet, but I'm very impressed with the quality. Thanks for the quick shipment."

- Mike Hamm

"Several members of my family have already purchased a pan from you and I am spreading the gospel of your web site to all my friends..."

- Kai Chan, Yorktown Heights, NY

"The Paella was a complete success! We were sixty total and we completely finished off the pan. Thanks for getting us the pan so soon. It arrived the day after the order was placed."

- Cesar Franco

"I got it today!!! Thank you so much for sending it so quickly! My friends are going to love the pan."

- Pat Serafine, Austin, TX

"I love my paellera, it fits perfectly in my BBQ. I want to share with you a picture of the paella I made the 24th of December, my best ever!"

- Jackie Luengas-Alwafai, Aliso Viejo, California

"I did receive the paella pan in plenty of time to give to my friend... and he LOVED it! Thank you so much. I've told all my friends about your website! Muchas gracias."

- Gretchen Sunderman, State College, PA

"Read about you in the NWA in-flight magazine. Received my pan the other day and used it for the first time tonight on the fire pit in the back yard. Delicious!"

- Brett Linder

"I followed your seafood paella recipe and my guests were raving about how good it was. The pan definitely makes a difference both on the stove and on the table. It's extremely festive...I will be keeping the second pan. It will be a great Christmas present for one of the raving guests..."

- Gregory Gotowchikov, Reston, VA

"We ordered a carbon steel pan from you last year and my husband loves cooking with it."

- Lee Webb, Knoxville, TN

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANKS!!! for all your help in getting our 31 inch pan and burner here in time for our celebration. I followed your recipe to the letter -- a first for me -- and the paella turned out as perfectly as it could be. We entertained thirty adults for a birthday party and served the paella as the focus, but included 15 liters of your sangria recipe, a couple of pork shoulder roasts and a very large Caesar salad. The compliments are still coming in. Once again, thank you for your help."

- Steve Jameson, Santa Rosa, CA

"So here I was, Sunday afternoon, suddenly needing to make a seafood paella and I couldn't find your brochure ANYWHERE!! Awful. So I called you and you were out, and then I REALLY panicked, and then I realized WAIT!!!! There's a WEBSITE! So I just printed out the recipe. You've saved my life, you fabulous cook."

- Paella Panic on the Upper West Side of NYC