Burners & Tripods

When it comes to getting heat under your paella pan, nothing beats the ease and speed of our gas burners. We offer several types and styles, and you can explore them all below. If you’re short on time, go straight to our All-in-one Burner Kits section where we’ve created complete sets to make the choosing easier. If you need a regulator and hose for your paella burner, select that option before adding the burner to the cart. If you want to "see" what size burner will work with a specific size paella pan, check out our reference table.

Choosing your ideal Burner or Grill

  • All In One Burner Kits
    All-in-one Burner Kits

    Here's a collection of all our burner and tripod sets, barbecue grill set-ups, and other burner packs that will get you up and running in no time.

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  • Standard Burners
    Standard Burners

    Our most economical burners are a favorite of home cooks who plan to fire up a paella every now and then.

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  • Premium Burners
    Premium Burners

    These high-performing burners put out more BTUs, making them perfect for those who want very high heat or who cook paella regularly.

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  • Big Event Burners
    Big Event Burners

    These burners, made for pans that are 40" and larger, are sought after by caterers, restaurants, or anyone hosting a giant cooking event.

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  • Natural Gas Burners
    Natural Gas Burners

    For a more permanent set up such as for outdoor kitchens, we offer natural gas burners which connect directly into your gas line.

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  • Tripods & Accessories
    Tripods & Accessories

    Check out our selection of burner supports, fire-pit tripods, windshields, and more items to enhance the fun (and minimize the drag) of your outdoor cooking experience.

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