Matching the Burner to the Pan

The table below lists all of our burners and the corresponding pans that work with each burner. To use this table, find the burner on the left column, and to the right you'll see a bar graph showing two or three elongated ""rings"". You'll see that each ring works for a certain range of pan sizes (the bar along the top shows the pan size). The blue dot represents the ideal or ""perfect fit"" pan for that particular ring. Click the button below to change the pan sizes to centimeters.

Symbol Keys

Pan Sizes - The sizes across the top represent different pan sizes that are used with the burner and active ring in the chart. You can see a pan that size by clicking the measurement value.
Two Ring Burner
Three Ring Burner
Coils to use - A red burner shows what rings to use for that pan range.
This example is a three coil burner and shows the inner two rings are used for the pan sizes in the chart.
Best size - This represents the best size pan for the burner.