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14" Stainless Flat Bottom Paella Pan (36 cm)
14" Stainless Flat Bottom Paella Pan


14" Stainless Flat Bottom Paella Pan (36 cm)

Serves 2 to 4 people. This pan is good for beginning paella cooks and is one of our most popular sizes. Fits well over most large standard burners. Also fits in the oven and can be used on all types of grills.

Our flat bottom paella pans were designed expressly for ceramic smooth top stoves and induction burners (though they also work with conventional electric and gas stoves). Unlike traditional paella pans, which are slightly convex on the bottom, these pans are perfectly flat so the entire pan bottom makes contact with the burner surface.

We include an informative pamphlet with each pan, which contains two recipes, our tips for perfect paella, and care instructions.

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