Berenjenas en vinagre

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Discover a new favorite tapa. Bite into a berenjena and enjoy a uniquely satisfying taste sensation. A local specialty of southern Spain and an exclusive offering of ours, you won't find this tapa anywhere else in the U.S.

Berenjena (behr-en-HAYN-uh) is the Spanish word for eggplant, but it´s a misnomer because this vegetable looks and tastes nothing like our large black eggplants. One might say its taste/texture is distantly reminiscent of an artichoke. Anyway, this berenjena vegetable (sometimes called berenjena de almagro, or berenjenas en vinagre) is a hyper-local specialty of Jaen, which is a region of Spain in Andalucia.

They are traditionally cooked in a flavorful vinegary broth until tender, and then refrigerated and served as a homestyle tapa. To be honest, the only people we know who make them at home are the abuelas, maybe because they are so labor and time intensive that only the grandmothers are willing to do it. Or maybe it´s just a tapa from another generation.

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    The Soul of Spain

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“I'm excited to own an authentic Spanish paella pan...Thanks for your quick response. I have and will recommend your site to others.”

• Michael McEachren, Burleson, TX

“I received the pan and am delighted with it. I had tried a recipe from "The Joy of Cooking" and liked it. But it paled in comparison to the paella recipe you provided with the pan and, besides that, it was so much fun to do”

• Mary Harrison, Springfield, MO

“Just got my pan in the mail today--in time for my party. Thanks so much, it's GREAT, and a good price too. ”

• Tanya Zumach, Portland, OR

“My paella pan arrived today, hooray, and is beautiful! It also fits in my oven, a plus. Thank you for your help.”

• Nancy Hemenway, Juneau, Alaska

“Thank you! I have one of the 26" carbon steel pans I got from you years ago...but now our friends are beginning to expect multiple "flavors" of paella. I was thrilled to find that you are still our there supplying these fine pans!”

• Mark Wayda, Columbus, OH

“You win the prize! I ordered it Friday night and it arrived Sunday AM. Unbelievable! and my wife loved it. Thanks.”

• David Crane, Boston, MA
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