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Forged Steel Tripods
Forged Steel Tripod


Forged Steel Tripods

This forged steel tripod is sturdy and will last forever. It's ideal for cooking over a fire, which may very well be the most reliable path to delicious paella. It takes more focus and attention, no doubt about that, but the rewards are worth it - a paella that has picked up the aromas of a real wood fire is truly memorable. Quick tip: It's helpful to assign someone the role of tending the fire, so the cook can focus on what's happening inside the pan.

Forged Steel Tripod Diameter Height Pan Size
12" Small (30 cm) 30cm 19cm 15" to 22"
16" Medium (40 cm) 40cm 23cm 20" to 26"
20" large (50 cm) 50cm 22cm 24" to 32"
28" Jumbo (70 cm) 70cm 28cm 32" to 45"
36" Giant (90 cm) 90cm 31cm 45" to 52"

Tripod Size