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Deluxe Paella Ingredient Pack
Deluxe Paella Ingredient Pack


Deluxe Paella Ingredient Pack

- 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) cloth sack bomba rice
- 1 tin whole roasted piquillo peppers (Denom of Origin)
- 1 gram jar pure Spanish saffron
- 70-gram tin smoked sweet pimenton
- 1 Palacios mild chorizo (7.9 oz)
- 1 liter extra-virgin Spanish olive oil*

Rice, saffron, peppers, pimenton, chorizo, plus the best olive oil in the world. This pack is the ultimate combination of ingredients for making spectacular paella. A note about the olive oil. It is by far our favorite, exclusively produced in the small town of Sabiote in the Andalucian province of Jaen. We are including it in this set even though you can buy olive oil at the supermarket. But it won't be as good.

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