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Items on Sale

These products are on sale either because we need to make room for new items, or in some cases because the product has a minor cosmetic flaw, in which case we have labeled it "as is".

Spanish Thick Chocolate Powder, 200g bag "AS IS" Carbon Steel Paella Pans - (various sizes) "AS IS" Enameled Steel Paella Pans - (various sizes)
Spanish Thick Chocolate Powder, 200g bag
Our Price:$10.95
Sale Price:$5.50
You save $5.45!
Pata Negra Paella Pan Vented Lids Jumbo Burner, Model G700
"AS IS" Jumbo Burner, Model G700
Our Price:$284.00
Sale Price:$227.20
You save $56.80!
Jumbo Burner, Model L70 45" Carbon Steel Paella Pan (115 cm)
"AS IS" Double Flame Jumbo Burner, Model L70
Our Price:$319.00
Sale Price:$255.20
You save $63.80!
"AS IS" 45-inch Carbon Steel Pan (115 cm)
Our Price:$480.00
Sale Price:$432.00
You save $48.00!