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Double Flame Medium Burner, Model L40 with Tripod
Medium Burner, Model L40 with Tripod


Double Flame Medium Burner, Model L40 with Tripod

This L40 model paella burner fits our 22-inch pans and smaller. It has two concentric flat rings and two knobs that independently control each ring. The diameters of the rings, measured from where the flames appear, are as follows: 3 inches, 8 1/4 inches, and 15 1/2 inches. The heat on the inner two rings is controlled by the same knob. The outside ring has its own control knob. You can use the inner ring by itself for 18-inch pans and smaller. This burner is a step up from our G model burners, which have a single row of flame in the inside ring. Total BTU output 57,000. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our burners.

The burner comes with 3 long supporting legs that provide a convenient and stable way to lift our gas paella burners up to table level. Each leg is 30 inches long. The legs slip onto the burner and are tightened with thumb screws (no screwdriver required), and you can easily adjust each leg to level the burner. This is a secure system that is speedy to assemble and disassemble. It also stores very compactly.

As a courtesy, we include a complimentary regulator and hose with the burner to connect to your propane tank.

This burner is for propane gas only. For natural gas burner, click here.

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