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  32" Enameled Steel Paella Pan (80 cm)
32" Enameled Steel Paella Pan


32" Enameled Steel Paella Pan (80 cm)

Serves 20 to 40 people. This pan is so big that you could use it as a toboggan in winter. For this size pan and larger, if you're not ordering one of our burners, you will need a professional stove, an extra large outdoor grill, or a fire pit to get heat under the whole pan.

Our enameled pans offer convenience and value, and they make delicious paella. Made of steel, they're coated with a black and white speckled enamel, so rusting will not be an issue. The enamel also makes them a bit easier to clean, even if you've managed to get a good layer of socarrat (caramelized rice on the bottom of the pan).

We include an informative pamphlet with each pan, which contains two recipes, our tips for perfect paella, and care instructions.

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