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Sabioliva extra-virgin olive oil - 500 ml glass bottle (Tall or Short)
Sabioliva extra-virgin olive oil - 500 ml glass bottle (Tall or Short)
Pictured: SHORT 500 ml Glass Bottle.


Sabioliva Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, 500 ml glass bottle - OVERSTOCK

This is it, not just our most favorite olive oil from Spain, but our favorite from anywhere in the world. This is the oil we dream about, the oil that until recently we were "importing" via our suitcase, but only enough for our home kitchen. But now, finally, we are the official -- and exclusive -- importers of Sabioliva olive oil, and we are thrilled to be able to share the bounty and the beauty with our wonderful customers, who enjoy a great olive oil as much as we do.

Cold-pressed from 100 percent picual olives that were grown entirely in the olive-tree quilted countryside surrounding the small village of Sabiote (in Jaen), this oil suffuses everything we cook with its round earthy flavor. And we do cook everything with it. It is robust enough to stand up to the high heat of sauteing, roasting, and frying, but nuanced enough to use as a finishing oil on fish, salads, and grilled bread. Versatility is its middle name. We even use it in place of melted butter in pancakes, and we fry our potatoes in it for potato tortilla.

Produced in the Sabiote olive oil cooperative, this 500 ml glass jar with a looped handle makes a special gift.

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Choose from the dropdown menu for either the SHORT or TALL 500 ml glass bottle.

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