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Saffron Honey - 14 oz. (400 g)
Saffron Honey


Saffron Honey, 14 oz

This unique and intriguing honey is made in Spain by bees that pollinate the saffron crocus flower. The dark golden honey is imbued with the heady aroma and flavor of saffron, and it's an extraordinary taste sensation.

As a special and surprising treat, we use it in place of our regular honey in almost anything -- add a spoonful to a cup of hot tea, drizzle it on greek yogurt, or use in any recipe that calls for honey. It turns a regular challah bread into saffron challah.

A perfect gift for any honey aficianado in your midst, or a delightful gift for yourself, you won't find this honey elsewhere as we are exclusive importers. We currently have limited supplies.

Contains 14 oz (400 grams) saffron honey.

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