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Palacios Chorizo
Palacios Chorizo


Palacios Chorizo

Seasoned with pimenton and garlic, this fully dry-cured chorizo made in the Rioja region of Spain is an instant tapa -- no cooking necessary. Just set it out with cheese and a fresh baguette and you're all set. Or dice some up and add to scrambled eggs for a Spanish-flavored breakfast. Or add it to rice and beans, your next stew, or just about any dish where you might add regular domestic sausage. Of course, it also works well in paella.

We sell a hot chorizo, made with pimenton picante, and a mild one, made with pimenton dulce. As with many traditionally made cured Spanish sausages, the casing on these chorizos may turn white in some areas. This is normal.

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