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Paella Ingredients

Great paella starts with great ingredients. From essentials like rice, saffron, and paprika to extras like piquillo peppers and chorizo, our mission is to deliver the best Spanish foods to your table.

Berenjenas en vinagre, 350ml jar Berenjenas en vinagre, 720ml jar Bomba Rice
Valenciano Rice Calasparra Rice D.O., 5 kilo bag Palacios Chorizo
Palacios Chorizo
Our Price:$12.95
Saffron Saffron Saffron
Pure Saffron 1 gram jar
Our Price:$16.45
Saffron Spanish Smoked Paprika (pimenton) Starter Paella Ingredient Kit
Pure Saffron, 10 gram jar
Our Price:$119.90
Piquillo Peppers Sabioliva Spanish extra-virgin olive oil - 1 liter bottle Sabioliva extra-virgin olive oil - 2 liter jug
Sabioliva extra-virgin olive oil - 5 liter jug Paez Marilla Reserva 12 Years D.O. Sherry Vinegar - 750ml bottle Banderillas with pickles, olive, and onion
Saffron Honey Rosemary Honey La Carreta Spanish chickpeas
Spanish Thick Chocolate Powder, 200g bag Manzanilla olives
Manzanilla olives
Our Price:$4.50