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Medium BBQ Grill Sets (50 cm)
Medium BBQ Grill Sets (50 cm)
Shown with 18-inch pan.


Medium BBQ Grill Sets (50 cm)

This is an incredibly versatile setup for cooking paella -- or almost anything else -- outdoors. You can fill the black shell with charcoal or wood for live fire grilling. Or you can set a L40 model propane burner inside the metal shell and cook with the precision and control of gas. The high wall of the shell gives the burner flames plenty of wind protection as well.

This kit includes:
-BBQ grill shell (50 cm in diameter) and support legs
-a round grilling rack (for sausages, chops, burgers, or vegetables)
-L40 model burner with complimentary regulator and hose
-option to add an 18" or 20" paella pan

We are offering this set at a special price. Choose your paella pan size in the drop-down box below.

Our Price:$295.00