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Bomba Rice, 1/2 kilo bag
Bomba Rice


Bomba Rice, 1/2 kilo bag

Cloth bag contains 1/2 kilo or 1 pound of bomba rice. That's equivalent to 2 1/4 cups, enough for 4 to 6 servings (depending on appetite).

This is the rice for making authentic Spanish paella. There are a few other varieties that work well in paella, but Bomba is top of the line. It's a shorter grain rice, and though it resembles Italian arborio in shape, it behaves much differently. It can absorb 3 times its volume in liquid yet still retain its toothy texture. When using Bomba, you'll need 3 cups of liquid for each 1 cup of rice. Bomba does cost more than other rice, but if you want to make paella the Spanish way, this is the way to go. Alternate brands of equivalent quality be may substituted depending on availability.

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