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Berenjenas en vinagre
Berenjenas en vinagre


Berenjenas en vinagre

Berenjenas is the Spanish word for eggplant, but it´s a misnomer because this vegetable looks and tastes nothing like eggplant. One might say its taste/texture is distantly reminiscent of an artichoke. Anyway, this berenjena vegetable (sometimes called berenjena de almagro, or berenjenas en vinagre) is a hyper-local specialty of Jaen, which is the region of Spain where I live part-time. They are traditionally cooked in a flavorful vinegary broth until tender, and then refrigerated and served as a homestyle tapa. To be honest, the only people I know who actually make them at home are the abuelas, maybe because they are so labor and time intensive that only the grandmothers are willing to do it. Or maybe it´s just a tapa from another generation.

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