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  Burner & Tripod Set on Wheels
Burner & Tripod Set


Burner & Tripod Set on Wheels

This burner set offers the most convenience in cooking paella (or other meals) outdoors. The burner attaches to a sturdy tripod with wheels, so all you have to do is roll it on out, connect it to a standard propane tank (we include a regulator and hose), and light the burner. The tripod legs include a round metal tray for keeping your cooking supplies handy.

The G400 burner has 2 rings, each one controlled by its own knob, giving you even heat underneath the whole paella pan. The inside ring is 8.5 inches, outer ring is 16 inches. It's a perfect fit with a 22-inch paella pan, but you can use smaller pans as well (we've even managed a 24-inch pan on occasion). The tripod stands 30 inches high. It is made of metal coated with heat resistant red paint, and the wheels are durable hard plastic. The whole thing sets up easily and quickly.

Set includes:
- G400 Model Paella Burner
- Tripod with wheels
- Regulator and hose for connecting to propane tank

Our Price:$179.95